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Women's Gym Franchise - Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Franchise

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 What Are the Advantages of Franchising?
 Why Women's Fitness?
 Who is Contours Express?
 Why Choose Contours Express?
 How is the Contours Express Brand Growing?
 Do I need Fitness Business Experience?

 How Does Contours Express Compare to Curves?
 How Do I Join the Contours Express Team?

What kind of franchise is Contours Express?

As you probably know, franchises let you concentrate on growing your business, not developing a system, which is where most small businesses meet their biggest challenges. With Contours Express, you'll be able to immediately concentrate on helping paying members meeting their fitness goals. The concept is proven. From Subway to Starbucks, from McDonalds to Weight Watchers, these companies, like ours, have concentrated on packaging their business in a model that can be replicated predictably and produce great results anywhere. That's the magic of franchises.

Contours Express is known as a "business model" franchise. This means that each process a gym owner needs to master has been refined again and again. Independent small businesses must learn as they go, developing their own operations mechanisms and strategies. In short, they have to work "on" their business while they work "in" their business.. With Contours Express, the system is in place - all you need to do is follow it. If the provided training doesn't cover a specific aspect of the operation, Contours Express staff will be there to support you, and our on-line forums will let you tap the ideas of hundreds of other owners.

A franchise concept is never finished...we are always listening folding in good ideas that can be incorporated system wide, and adjusting with the market. Our owners are polled regularly for best practices, problem areas, and things they hear their members talking about. This is then analyzed and the benefits spread to all.

 Why Women's Fitness?

First, Why Fitness?

Fitness is a $40 Billion Dollar Industry! It is growing at a rate of 5% per year, and there has been a 63% increase in gym membership since 1999 due to the obesity problem in the US.

Now, why Women's Fitness?

This is also an easy answer, because women's only fitness is the fastest growing segment of the health & fitness industry. Women are the largest single business opportunity, and Contours Express has the best business model for this segment. 

 Who is Contours Express?

The company was launched in 1998 by long-time experts in the Fitness business. Leveraging the success of Curves® while upgrading the product offering and member experiences, Contours Express has created The "Better Idea In Women's Gyms." The company is now the #2 Women's circuit training gym behind Curves. We are the second fastest growing with over 600 locations worldwide in 20 countries, and rated among the most affordable.

 Why Choose Contours Express?

The primary reason is our superior equipment which utilizes real weight stacks versus the hydraulic equipment used by the other gyms. All of our machines are specifically designed and sized for a women's body. The product difference means members will not plateau or max out, and they will see real results which will encourage member retention and loyalty. Contours Express also offers comprehensive training, education and business development support to help you run a profitable business and keep you ahead of the competition. Contours Express offers Brand Advertising and Marketing that is unmatched. We provide you with advice and assistance on site selection and financing. You can find out the entire story by filling out the Information Request Form below.

 How is the Contours Express Brand Growing?

The Contours Express Brand is being developed by brand-building experts with over 30 years of experience developing successful brands and companies. The company has already been rated by several trusted business publications as being among the fastest growing franchises in the US. National Television ads and cooperative advertising programs are among the many benefits. A state-of-the-art web development package is now available to our franchisees which offers tools and resources to our franchisees that is far beyond what other franchises offer.

 Do I need Fitness Business Experience?

Absolutely NO previous fitness or business experience is required. Contours Express will not only train you on every aspect of owning your own gym, but we will be there with you for your grand opening and provide ongoing training and support. We will be there to help you with your gym's success.  Remember this is the advantage of a business model franchise - you concentrate on applying your skills to growing your membership and daily operations.

 How Does Contours Express Compare to Curves?

The most noticeable way is the product offering. The other important differentiator is the territories that are available. Curves Franchise is sold out and only existing locations are for sale at a markup. Contours Express has many choice territories still available, but they are selling fast. The other major difference is our size and personalized service to franchisees. At Contours Express we know our franchisees by name, not location number. At Curves For Women, you may get lost among the thousands and at Contours Express you are part of our family. Cost is almost the same. Let us help you find the best location in your area

 How Do I Join the Contours Express Team?

Fill out the form below and you will be contact by one of our Franchise Development team members. You may also call 1-877-227-2282. It's that simple and easy. We will explain our low-cost franchise pricing, and answer all your other questions.

I'm Interested, What Next?

Please use the short form below or call 1-877-227-2282 so we can route your inquiry to a franchise consultant and get your detailed questions answered as soon as possible. You'll be glad you did!