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Curves Fitness Program Analysis by Fitness Pro Kyle Battis

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Compare Contours Express Franchise® to Curves For Women Franchise®


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Curves for Women - Are you Considering Their Gym Offering?


Remember this word: "PLATEAU"

The common usage as a verb is "to Plateau" meaning to climb a steep incline in order to reach a flat area and then be unable to climb further. In other words, you have gotten all you are going to get.

To Plateau is what happens when you use hydraulic equipment to exercise. Many doctors agree that to truly be fit you must do exercise on real weight-bearing equipment like the machines that are especially designed for Contours Express members. See what one fitness pro said about programs such as Curves.

Contours Express Franchise MembersSo, what does this "No Plateau" mean for Contours Express Owners?

It's a gym business desire that few companies other than Contours Express can achieve, HIGHER MEMBER RETENTION, which means less costly turnover. Women who see results will also tell their friends.

Weights = Results = Loyalty. It's is that simple.

Other advantages for the franchisee:

  • A smaller, Leaner and more efficient operation helps you succeed. Curves has 10,000 gyms - Contours knows you by name.
  • We have learned from their mistakes, and we've built the Better Idea in Women's Gyms.
  • We have many top territories available in prime areas (see below regarding Curves.)
  • Review some specifics about our fitness equipment.
Comparison Curves Franchise® Contours Express®
Date Established 1992 1998
Clubs 10,000 worldwide Around 400 worldwide
Franchise Fee $31,900 $18,000
Equipment Fee Included $17,500 + tax
Royalty Fee $590/month $395/month
Equipment Type Hydraulic Weight Resistance
Available Very Limited. ** Many
Small Business Association
Franchise List
Yes Yes
Entrepreneur Magazine Fitness
Franchise 500
Fitness Center Rank
#1 #2

* Effective January 1st, 2007

Do your homework! Always compare franchise information directly from the franchise you're considering and make your own choice!